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    Counselling with Individuals, Couples, and Families

    Are you looking for new ways to cope, change, and communicate?

    Is your child struggling with their emotions, thinking, or behaviours?

    If you’ve been feeling hopeless or lost, or struggling with a problem that feels insurmountable, counselling and psychotherapy could help you improve your everyday life and connections in your relationships.

    I have been practicing counselling and psychotherapy with adult, youth, and children for over 14 years in Thunder Bay.  I use evidence-informed interventions to creatively reduce  distress and problems, and support people in achieving their goals.

    I work with caregivers using Emotionally-Focused Family Therapy.  Not only does this approach increase positive functioning on the part of young people, it decreases the time and emotional energy that caregivers use to care for the young people in their lives.

    If you’re looking for help in improving your everyday life or for a more tailored therapy experience, you would be a great fit for individual, family, or couples therapy. Please reach out to me today to discuss your situation further or to schedule your first appointment.

    Individual Therapy with adults and youth is available in-person and virtually, including by telephone, video, and email.  Couples and Family Therapy is available in-person.